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Breeze Fans EC/AC

The Breeze Fan moves extremely large amounts of air and is
highly energy efficient.
The principle is to create a steady, light movement of air for
the cooling effect in warmer temperatures and to direct the
rising warm air to the floor at the height of the animals in colder
periods. In addition the Breeze Fan reduces humidity and odours
and creates a healthier environment for animals and humans.

H2O Air Conditioning offers, COST EFFECTIVE COOLING SOLUTIONS, that is practical and flexible.

Evaporative Cooling is growing in popularity as we move to a Greener, conscious society. H2O Air Coolers use nature’s own cooling process. Evaporative Cooling is the natural answer to EFFICIENT and EFFECTIVE climate control.

We have been providing cooling solutions, for the ideal climate since 2006. Implementing H2O Coolers will IMPROVE the EFFICIENCY of your workforce & BOOST PRODUCTIVITY. Staff will not be fatigued due to uncomfortable working conditions, leading to a decrease in productivity and accuracy in the workplace.

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