Technical Changes – HP24BX and HP36BX




  • H20 Air Conditioning is excited to announce some technical changes to the range of mobile cooling equipment.
  • These changes will take place within the HP24BX and HP36BX.
  • We have introduced three significant changes to the units, these will have a huge impact on the performance of these units.


  • Energy Efficient EC Electrical Motor.
  • International energy efficient Index IE4 EC, with efficiency up to 90%.
  • EC motors are brushless DC motors controlled by external electronics—either an electronic circuit board or variable frequency drive.
  • The rotor contains permanent magnets and the stator has a set of fixed windings.
  • The mechanical commutation is performed by the electronic circuitry.
  • The circuit board switches the phases in the fixed windings to keep the motor turning. This supplies the right amount of armature current. When the current is delivered in the right direction at the precise time, the higher the accuracy is achieved.
  • Since the motor’s speed is controlled by external electronics, EC motors do not have a limited synchronous speed.


DAB NOVA 200MNA Submersible water pump.
  • Internationally known DAB Water Technology, Submersible water pumps.
  • The pump body, the impeller and the suction grille are in technopolymer material.
  • Robust and reliable with triple sealing in oil bath.
  • The pump allows the suction of the liquid up to the minimum level of 10 mm and the possibility of dry operation up to 1 minute.
  • Continuous duty asynchronous submersible motor. Stator inserted in a hermetic stainless-steel casing and rotor mounted on oversized ball bearings.
  • Thermal protection incorporated in all single-phase versions.
  • The motor is in AISI 304 stainless- steel and the shaft is in AISI 431 steel for greater resistance to corrosive attacks.


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