Mobile Cooling for Showrooms




Potential Customers

The aim of the game: Drawing potential Customers into your showroom .
  •  To attract potential customers to your beautiful showroom and keeping them there is CHALLENGING, in hot summer months.
  • Cooled and refreshed showrooms lead to people staying longer and buy more product.
  • Create a comfortable, refreshing environment with H2O Mobile Air Cooler units. People will stay longer and buy more product.


Hot Summer Temperatures can be controlled with Evaporative  Air Coolers

 Summer temperatures create very HOT uncomfortable conditions

In Hot and Uncomfortable environments people loose interest quickly

Hot temperatures result in people feeling tired


Beat the Summer Heat, with Evaporative Cooling

Create the perfect “Comfort Zone” within your showroom with a Air Cooler:
  • Our cost effective and environmentally friendly mobile evaporative coolers are the best solution to spot cooling of large open showroom areas.
  • By opting for a mobile cooler there is no need for roof or wall mounted equipment,
  • The HC40BX is simply placed on the floor and can be wheeled into the desired location, Hassel free installation.
  •  Simply …Fill UpPlug In.. Cool Down. The cooled conditioned air is dispersed directly to the area where it is needed.

The new HC40BX is the perfect solution

The HC40BX mobile cooler will cool your show room and combat the negative effects of heat.

Simply said…..Buying one of our mobile coolers, will be a big investment for your company.

The HC40BX is being used to cool Harley-Davidson.

Rental Options for a Air Cooler

All our products are available as a rental option.

Renting a Mobile Evaporative Cooler benefits:

  1. Cooled refreshed show rooms
  2. No maintenance cost
  3. Easy and affordable

Investing in a Air Cooler:

  •  Invest in a H2O mobile AIR Cooler and create a cool and comfortable showroom environment.
  • The HC40BX will create a comfortable cooled environment. Which will lead to customers staying longer.
  • Have a look at the full product range on the website.
  • Give us a call and we will gladly assist with the correct product for spot cooling.
  •  Giving the best solution. Whereby we will create a Comfort Zone for your showroom.
  • With a low cost of ownership we will be able to solve the negative effects of hot uncomfortable showroom spaces.
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