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Industrial Mobile Cooling




Impact of heat on productivity


Heat exhaustion within the workshop can happen quickly……. If you have an industrial workshop,
where the summer heat buildup inside the workshop is higher than the heat outside.

Hot conditions within the workshop will affect your productivity, accuracy and profitability negatively.
Taking into consideration the high cost of labour and how high temperatures, directly influences

It would be an investment to create the ideal working environment for your

The ideal cool working environment can be created by renting or purchasing an H2O
mobile evaporative cooler. Make a cool decision and invest in an H2O mobile evaporative cooler.

H20 Mobile Evaporative cooler at Probe Batteries

 Mobile Industrial evaporative cooler solves these problems:

  • No installation costs
  •  Cool air for a fraction of the up-front cost
  • Push the unit wherever you need it
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Easy to repair
  • Energy efficiency. The main advantage of  a mobile evaporative cooler is that their operating costs tend to be far less than those of traditional air conditioning systems. …
  • Allows for open doors and windows.
  • Environmentally friendly

Evaporative cooling uses 100% fresh, filtered outside air to cool down a building or room which improves the indoor air quality substantially.

Happier, Healthier Employees with H2O Mobile Evaporative coolers.

With the right temperature and relative humidity,  employees can give it their all and deliver improved services. Proper humidity control, can be achieved by using an mobile evaporative cooler, which will lead to an increase in mental stimulation, focus, comfort and healthiness of  your employees. Cut down on those sick days and maximize the potential of your workforce by taking good care of the air they breathe.

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