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Is high heat in your industrial worksite affecting the productivity of your workers and your bottom line? We can help….


Automotive work involves solving complex problems & doing precision work. But its difficult to do when the temperatures are high.


What are the effects of heat on the body?

  •  In the automotive industry, accuracy and precision are crucial. Inside the workshop is where inspections and repairs are conducted
  • As the temperature rises, productivity and accuracy decrease.
  • Welding processes adds to heat in the workshop. Working around hot equipment make the conditions uncomfortable
  • Studies show that productivity drops as the temperature rises above 27°C.
  • Productivity drop by 30% when the temperature reaches 38°C.
  • Mistakes increase as accuracy decrease due to the heat.
  • One study by NASA showed that workers make almost 12 times as many mistakes when the temperature is 35°C, compared to a temperature of 27°C.


Heat exposure cause the following illnesses:

Heat edema:

Is swelling which generally occurs among people who are not acclimatized to working in hot conditions. Swelling is often most noticeable in the ankles. Recovery occurs after a day or two in a cool environment.

Heat rashes:

Tiny red spots on the skin which cause a prickling sensation during heat exposure. Spots are the result of inflammation caused when the ducts of sweat glands become plugged.

Heat cramps:

Sharp pains in the muscles

Heat exhaustion:

Caused by loss of body water and salt through excessive sweating.

Heat syncope:

Heat-induced dizziness and fainting induced by temporarily insufficient flow of blood to the brain while a person is standing.

Heat stroke:

Is the most serious type of heat illness.Heat stroke requires immediate first aid and medical attention. Delayed treatment may result in death.


When workers depend on You ..… You can depend on us.

  •  H2O mobile coolers offer the perfect solution to summer heat build-up within the workshop.
  •  Create the perfect comfort zone where required.   
  • H2O mobile coolers can be moved all around the workshop

Rent or invest in an H2O Mobile Evaporative Cooler.

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