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The new HP24BxHigh Energy-Efficient Cooler

The HP24BX is the obvious choice for small to medium floorspace cooling requirements, with a 24”/ 610mm impellor, the air cooler has an airflow displacement of 13 700m³/h, capable to cool 230m².


  • Impellor Diameter: 24 “/ 630mm
  • Air Volume: 13 700m³/h
  • Electric Motor: EC Motor, 0.75kW/220V/1ph/50Hz
  • Fan Speed: 920rpm
  • Fan Amperage: 230V 3.5A
  • Drive: Direct drive
  • Pump Amperage: 230V 0.2A
  • Internal Water Tank: 115 Litres
  • Dimensions: 1520mm x 1280mm x 650mm
  • Unit Weight: 78Kg
  • Water Connection: ½ “ Quick Couple
  • Cooling Capacity: 230m²

High Energy-Efficient Cooler

Energy-Efficient Cooler Advantage

  • High Performance
  • Lasting durability
  • Voltage 230V, from 10% to 100% variable speed
  • Three control modes:  Fan Speed, Temperature control and timer controlled


EC Motor:

International Energy Efficiency Index: IE4, efficiency up to 90%

Protection rating: IP55

Insulation class: F



PAG Impeller:

Dynamically balanced, Injection moulded fan blades


Benefits of using a air cooler will be:

  • Improved productivity
  • Fewer mistakes by staff
  • Better morale among workers
  • Customers stay longer, because they feel refreshed
  • Freedom to move the mobile air cooler within the workshop

The aim of the game….. is to have, productive employees and happy customers, which will lead to increased sales. When people get hot, they get tired and loses interest. By renting or investing in a H2O air cooler, you can create a cool and comfortable environment. Customers will stay longer and generally purchase more.

As the temperature rises, productivity and accuracy decrease.

 Studies show that productivity drops as the temperature rises above 27°C.

In fact, it can drop by as much as 30% by the time the temperature reaches 38°C, as per Nasa

When customers depend on You ..… You can depend on us. H2O mobile coolers offer the perfect solution to summer heat build-up within the workshop. H2O mobile coolers can be moved all around the workshop to create the perfect comfort zone where required.


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