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With more than 30 years experience in HVAC products and services, H2O Air Conditioning has strategically placed itself in a position to supply cooling products of the highest quality and standards to the South African and African markets.   The company aligned itself with superior products and by going the extra mile with our services, strives to be the preferred supplier of effective, efficient and quality cooling and ventilating products.

H2O Air Conditioning has sourced a complete range of cooling and ventilating products manufactured to the highest international standards and specifications that is demanded from the South African market.  All mobile cooling products are registered at the National Regulator compulsory specifications (NRCS  000000140418/001 – SANS IEC 60335-2-98).  H2O Mobile Air Coolers are manufactured to CE, specifications and are independently tested by CTL International Certification Ltd, to ensure product durability and quality standards.

At first, all products imported and sold was roof-mounted cooling units. In 2012 H2O Air Conditioning acquired the sole importation and distribution rights for a full range of mobile evaporative cooling products, these products are suited for the demanding South African and African conditions.

Aftermarket spare parts and replacement evaporative cooling pads are kept in stock and are readily available. We also offer retrofit spare parts for most mobile evaporative cooling products.

With highly qualified technical staff on hand to offer system design, cooling capacity calculations and onsite inspection to determine cost effective solutions. All forms part of the full package and services that we offer our clients.

High Energy-Efficient Cooler

PS_BreezeFan_202201_EN (1)

Breeze Fans EC/AC

  • Available in a range of diameters.
  • Variable speed control by means of frequency inverter and gear motor.
  • Several Breeze fans AC can be operated with just a single frequency inverter.
  • Stable aerofoil-shaped aluminum blades.
  • Quiet-running.
  • Improves animal welfare throughout the year.
  • Easy to assemble.
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Energy-Efficient Cooler Advantage

  • High Performance
  • Lasting durability
  • Voltage 230V, from 10% to 100% variable speed
  • Three control modes:  Fan Speed, Temperature control and timer controlled

EC Motor

  • International Energy Efficiency Index: IE4, efficiency up to 90%
  • Protection rating: IP55
  • Insulation class: F

PAG Impeller

  • Injection moulded fan blades
  • Dynamically balanced  


We at H2O Air Conditioning take safety seriously, the safety of our own employees, as well as our customers employees, are of utmost importance to us. We strive to create a comfortable and healthy working environment for all employees.

We are all aware of the continuously rising summer temperatures and the discomfort and dangers of working in these hot conditions. At H2O Air Conditioning we have the solutions to control working area temperatures.
Correctly implementing general ventilation equipment greatly reduces the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus, thus assisting in keeping the staff within the working environment protected.


Productivity and accuracy within the workplace are critical contributing factors to the success of any business. Workplace temperatures are a primary driver in the loss of productivity and accuracy, since workers behaviour changes as temperatures increases. An increase in temperature relates directly to a decrease in productivity and accuracy having a negative impact on the wellbeing of the work force.

Hydration Level

Dehydration happens when a person does not get enough water. You need water for breathing, digestion, and every basic bodily function. You can lose water quickly by perspiring too much on a hot day or by physical labour in hot working conditions. Dehydration and working in hot areas, is of serious concern for employees. Take the time to know the symptoms and prevent exposure to poorly ventilated work areas.

Heat Illnesses

Occupational heat stress is the net load to which a worker is exposed from the combined contributions of metabolic heat, environmental factors, and clothing worn which results in an increase in heat storage in the body. Heat stress occurs when the body cannot get rid of excess heat. When this happens, the body’s core temperature rises, and the heart rate increases. As the body continues to store heat, the person begins to lose concentration and has difficulty focusing on a task, may become irritable or sick, and often loses the desire to hydrate themselves.
Workers become overheated from two primary sources:
• The environmental conditions in which they work.
• The internal heat generated by physical labour.
Heat-related illnesses occur when the body is not able to lose enough heat, balancing the heat generated by physical work and external heat sources.

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