HP36BX Mobile Air Cooler


The HP36BX is the flagship air cooler within the H2O Air Cooler product range, with a 36″/920mm impellor, the air cooler has an airflow displacement of 23 700m³/h and capable to cool 330m².


  • Impellor Diameter: 36″ / 915mm
  • Air Volume: 23 700m³/h
  • Electric Motor: EC Motor, 0.75kW/220V/1ph/50Hz
  • Fan Speed: 920rpm
  • Fan Amperage: 230V 5.0A
  • Drive: Direct drive
  • Water Pump Motor: 0.35kW/220V/1ph/50Hz
  • Pump Amperage: 230V 1.2A
  • Internal Water Tank: 200 Litres
  • Dimensions: 1800mm x 1600mm x 750mm
  • Unit Weight: 105Kg
  • Water Connection: ½” Quick Couple
  • Cooling Capacity: 330m²

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